What are the benefits of having a doula?

Women who give birth supported by a doula have been shown to have:

  • Reduction of c-sections
  • Fewer requests for epidurals
  • Shorter labors
  • Reduction in pitocin
  • Reduction in use of forceps/vacuum
  • Lower rates of newborn complications
  • Reduction of maternal bleeding after birth
  • Increased success with breastfeeding
  • Greater satisfaction with birth

Do you take the place of my husband or partner?

Definitely not! Think of me as a guide who will help you get safely to your desired childbirth destination. I will be by your side during the entire pregnancy and birth journey and help you safely reach the summit.


I will help your partner participate to his level of comfort, whether he hopes to be your main physical and emotional support, or prefers to be a loving bystander. I’ll make sure that he rests, eats, drinks and uses the bathroom. I’ll share the burden of supporting you, so he can be fresh and ready to help you after your baby is born!

What will you do for me at my birth?

As much (or as little) as you want me to do! At a typical birth I massage you, encourage you, coach you, inform you where you are in your birth, create a soothing birthing environment with candles, aromatherapy and music (think spa!), read guided imagery, help with breathing techniques, use acupressure, help you find comfy and effective positions, guide your partner to know what to do for you, answer questions, facilitate communication with the hospital staff, speak up for you, remind you of your wishes, cheerlead, believe in you with all of my heart, and help you reach your ultimate goal of unmedicated childbirth.

When will you join me during my birth?

Throughout early labor, we will be in touch by phone. When you move into active labor (contractions are 4-5 minutes apart for a first time mom and 7-10 minutes in a second time mom), I will join you in your home. For many couples the goal is to stay at home as long as possible and arrive at the hospital ready to have a baby, and that’s what I strive for!  We drive to the hospital together in your car. I will stay with you until baby is born and then for 1-2 hours after.

Do you have a backup doula?

Yes!  In fact I have many backup doulas.  These are women I know very well and I trust implicitly.  My criteria for a backup doula is, “Would I invite her to my own birth?” If the answer is “yes” then she becomes part of my backup network.  The good news is, I have very rarely needed to use the help of a backup!  And in the process of interviewing doulas you may meet another woman who you connect with and would prefer for your backup; I’d be happy to arrange that for you.

Do you attend hospital births & home births?

Yes, I work with mamas who are planning unmedicated hospital birth, scheduled C-section and home birth. I don’t offer doula support for women who are planning epidurals, but I am always happy to point them to doulas who do!


I will offer loving care and education whether you choose to give birth at home or in the hospital, I believe there is nothing a woman can’t do with the right determination, education and support.

Why don’t you work with women who are planning to get an epidural?

I firmly believe that every woman has the right to choose how she wants to give birth. Early on in my doula career I decided to focus on a niche, mine being woman who are preparing for and committed to natural birth. Everything I do in our birth preparation sessions is designed to prepare couples for birth without an epidural.


Occasionally I have a client who chooses to receive an epidural. They are generally choosing it because they have had a long birth, or because they are being induced for a medically indicated reason. In those instances I believe that an epidural is a medical solution and it becomes an important part of finishing her birth in an empowered way.

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