the gentle method

The Happy Mama Company offers The Gentle Method of placenta preparation. We do not steam because you lose a significant amount of mass and the end result is less pills. Instead, we dehydrate placentas at 160° for a minimum of 12 hours.

Note: For mamas who have been diagnosed with GBS during pregnancy, we dehydrate for 24 hours.


Placenta tincture provides a shelf stable placenta remedy that can be used indefinitely. While capsules should be used (ideally) within the first few months after birth a placenta tincture is preserved with high proof alcohol and can be used for many years to come. Mamas report that it’s very good for mood imbalances, energy boosting and times of transition.

smoothie drops

Fresh placenta can provide an excellent boost after birth. Some mamas report that they get a stronger mood and energy lift from smoothie drops. The good news? One half dollar size piece of raw placenta can be blended in a full 12oz fruit smoothie so that it’s completely palatable! Your smoothie drop will be delivered pre-portioned and frozen. Just throw one in the blender with your favorite smoothie recipe. Includes 1/4 of the placenta by weight (exact number of drop varies)

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