Alicia Fishbein

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Alicia has been a lover of babies and birth all of her life. She held her first baby at age 21 months (her little sister) and hasn’t let up since. And it’s rather telling that her favorite book as a small child was, “Where Do Babies Come From?” She gave birth to all three of her children naturally, at home and her births changed her life. in 2013, Alicia decided to parlay her love of babies and birth into the fantastic, dynamic, magical work of a birth and postpartum doula. Since then she has been honored to attend over 200 births as well as serving 70+ families in the time after baby’s birth as a postpartum doula and sleep coach.

Debra Brender

lactation specialist

Debra’s background has always been in the health sciences.  She obtained her Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutrition from Cornell University in 1985 and became a Registered Nurse in 1988. Like many lactation consultants, she found breastfeeding her own two sons to be very gratifying yet challenging. For this reason she enrolled in the UCSD Lactation Consultant program and became an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. She works as an IBCLC at the Good Samaritan Hospital Breastfeeding Support Group and a private lactation consultant. Assisting mothers in their breastfeeding journey is extremely meaningful and rewarding work. Debra hopes to reach out and help as many new families as she can to make their transition to parenthood a little smoother, and give their babies the best start possible.

Emily Johnston

postpartum doula

Emily truly believes it takes a village to nurture mother and baby during the most important time of their lives. Born and raised in the Midwest, she has supported mothers during pregnancy for over fifteen years. Her passion is helping women discover their natural born abilities, and using various techniques to capitalize on every new mothers’ strengths. As a Certified Lactation Counselor®, she guides mothers to become confident in breastfeeding and celebrates the sacredness of the fourth trimester. Emily loves seeing the transformative journey of a family from the antepartum through the postpartum period. She has worked with countless different family styles, religions, and cultural structures, and treats each blossoming family with unconditional love and guidance. In her spare time she loves discovering new restaurants, getting lost in bookstores, and cooking delicious food.

Katya Sorokina

birth doula

Pregnancy and birth are rites of passage that can reveal great wisdom and generate profound transformation. Let that which guides you in life be your inexhaustible well of inspiration to never lose faith in your power and abilities. You are taking this journey and it would be my honor to support you along your path. I have served hundreds of birthing people, reconnecting them to their strength, holding a secure and nurturing space, and promoting comfort. I have provided these services as a registered nurse working in labor and delivery for over ten years, as an assistant to a home birth midwife over the last two years, and as a doula this past year. I offer birth doula services to people seeking to avoid medical interventions who are having a home, birth center, or hospital birth in the South Bay or the Peninsula.

Robyn Comfort

birth doula/postpartum doula

Robyn believes in the powerful transformation that takes place when a mother gives births to her baby, for the mother, child and family. Committed to equipping parents with tools to navigate the experience of labor and birth with confidence, Robyn pulls from her experience in yoga and mindfulness, and offers support based off of the  physiologic and emotional needs of birthing women. Robyn intends to be a source of great quality information to facilitate the most gentle, loving and empowered experience possible for all members of a woman’s birth support team, especially partners! When she’s not supporting parents in labor, Robyn loves perusing farmers markets hunting for bizarre mushrooms, cooking her market finds with good company, and unwinding with tea and restorative yoga for pelvic health.

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