If you’re serious about achieving a natural, intervention-free birth you need a comprehensive plan:

Prepare your body and mind

I’ll guide you through the best ways to get ready for your birth including: finding a caring provider, exercises, nutrition and brain training.

Create a custom birth plan

We will review every option available before, during, and after birth so you can decide what you do and don’t want.

Have a blissful birth

When labor begins you can relax knowing that all of the details are handled.  Your husband and I will ensure that you are supported, informed, loved and that your wishes are honored.

my services

Birth Doula emotional, physical and informational support during your pregnancy and birth
Postpartum Doula – in-home support for after your baby arrives
Night Doula – night time support so you can sleep
Placenta Encapsulation – placenta pills for a happy, healthy postpartum

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